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RĂDULESCU, ILIESCU, MARAVELA & PARTNERS is a modern and dynamic law firm aiming to provide clear, concise and practical legal advice based on an in-depth knowledge of the legal framework and business environment in Romania. The Firm was founded in 2003 by merging with the Individual Law Office “Rădulescu Valeria Simona”. With a solid foundation the Firm has constantly evolved, accumulating valuable expertise and has adapted to the needs of an every day changing business market.


Our Law Firm is driven by an entrepreneurial zeal that is one of the firm’s defining characteristics and which translates into the innovative, energic representation of our clients.

With a solid foundation the Firm has constantly evolved, accumulating valuable expertise and has adapted to the needs of an everyday changing business market.

Our perspective

Our goal is to give you the right advice for the concrete legal issues. Sometimes the right advice may not be the easiest to hear but is by far the best solution. This is the reason we choose to deliver it straight and promptly and we provide it the way the client wants it – long and detailed or short and succinct, but always plain English.

Practice Areas

Commercial and corporate law

Our services include:
• Counselling and representation in commercial negotiations;
• Consultancy on internal and international commercial regulations;
• Analysing internal and international commercial contracts;
• Drafting and negotiating internal and international commercial transactions. Collaterals;
• Consultancy on the custom regime. Representation the clients in the relation with customs authorities;
• Debt recovery. Drafting notifications and payment summons;
• Compulsory execution of the commercial agreements and various executory titles;
• Representation in the compulsory execution procedure in front of various authorities: public executors, financial authorities, banks, judicial courts (Garnishment on the debtor’s bank accounts, compulsory execution on movable assets and real estate’s movable assets and commodities);
• Consultancy and representation in the insolvency procedure;
• Dispute resolution. Representation in the conciliation procedure, arbitral courts and judicial courts of commercial disputes.


Our Labor practice group has a dedicated team of specialists advising clients on a wide range of labor and pensions law including the Employment Ordinance, labor security, employment visas, labor disputes, and retirement schemes and pension calculation.
Our services include:
• Drafting, negotiating and advising on employment agreements and various changes to these agreements;
• Management agreements and executive benefit packages
• Detachment agreements;


•Consultancy on labor issues: detachment, labor protection;
•Consultancy on relevant labor regulations;
•Assistance and consultancy in disciplinary procedure;
•Assistance and consultancy in individual and collective dismissal procedure.;
•Representation in front of labor authorities;
•Employee’s liability for damages;
•Employee benefits distribution;
•Restrictive covenants;
•Advising on employment matters upon mergers and acquisitions of companies, transfers of business undertakings and restructuring of corporate entities
•Advising on employment disputes, including preparation of documents relating to Labor Tribunal actions and employee compensation claims;
•Obtaining employment visas;
•Representation in front of judicial courts in litigations aroused from labor issues.

Company Formation & Corporate Services

We provide services to private, domestic and multinational companies in all significant economic sectors, covering all aspects necessary for the establishment and operation of a business in compliance with Romanian company law.
Services offered include:
•Advice on registration procedures and on-going requirements
•Effecting registration and filing requirements
•Name searches and registration of business names


•Preparation of memorandum and articles of association
•Company incorporation and dissolutions
•Mergers & Acquisitions
•Shareholders agreements
•Corporate disputes
•Structuring, drafting and reviewing domestic and international agreements
•Due diligence reports on corporate issues.

Real Estate and Construction Law

We have gained a solid expertise in the construction domain acting for developers, contractors, sub-contractors, consultants and suppliers and we can advise on all aspects of building, construction and civil engineering law.
We help commercial and industrial enterprises as well as physical persons to secure title to real property for plants, offices, and residences. We also advise on sale and purchase transactions on land, mortgages, leasing and renting.
Our services include:
•Property development, financing and documentation
•Property due diligence, commercial and risk analysis
•Pre-tender and pre-contract advice, as well as practical advice throughout the course of the project


•Negotiation and drafting of sale-purchase, lease agreements and construction contracts
•Concession and public-private partnership
•Environmental obligations
•Property damage and recovery – insurances
•Representation in front of all administrative and/or judiciary authorities in order to obtain all necessary authorizations and licenses.

Transport & Shipping

We offer wide-ranging advice to companies in the shipping industry on carriage contracts, ship sale and purchase, construction and financing, insurance coverage, marine insurance, ship handling, international contracts, administrative halts, etc.
Our services include ship sale and purchase, construction and financing. We are experts in shipbuilding contracts, shipyard and shipbuilder liability, project finance, ship sale and purchase agreements, contractual reviews and advice on tax implications.

Tax Law

Our services include:
• Value Added Tax;
• Income tax
• Profits tax;
• Microenterprises taxation;
• Double taxation avoidance and profit repatriation;
• Local taxes, including real estate’s tax;
• Litigation against tax authorities.

Intellectual Property

We advise on:
• Exploitation: This practice advises on the commercial exploitation of intellectual property rights, including, licensing, franchising, drafting assignments, manufacturing and distribution agreements, joint ventures, technology transfers and due diligence on the sale and purchase of businesses.
• Franchising.

Tourism And Hotels

We deal with and provide solutions to a whole host of issues (tax, corporate/commercial, intellectual property, labor and employment, environmental, antitrust, etc.).

Our services include:
• tax and legal design of investments or the start-up of tourism-related businesses (hotels, condo-hotels, timeshare arrangements, air, sea or land transport companies, travel agencies and online activities, etc.);
• acquisition of tourism businesses in general (hotel chains, hotel operators or owners, travel agencies, transport companies, cruise operators, etc.);
• Acquisition of assets (real estate, vessels, etc.);


• Formation of joint ventures to start-up and manage businesses.
• tax and legal analysis of business restructuring processes and their implementation;
• Due diligence reviews of the main tax and legal issues;
• Analysis, drafting and negotiation of contracts in general and contracts for services (hotel management, hotel leases, combined travel agreements, agency agreements, transportation agreements, etc.) in particular;
• Disputes arising from acquisitions and sales already made. Litigation with clients and/or suppliers.
• Tax and legal aspects of business and asset finance
• Applications for and obtainment of administrative permits and licenses for the opening or operating of tourism businesses or activities. Assistance with administrative inspections and appeals filed with the authorities (central, autonomous community or local government) and judicial review proceedings before the courts.
• Labor and employment advisory services (hiring of personnel, legislation applicable to foreign workers, employee remuneration, working hours, disciplinary proceedings, collective layoff procedures, etc.)

Technology & Outsourcing

Our team has an experience and considerable expertise in providing legal advice to the IT and e-business industries and markets, on projects for the roll-out of technology and on the procurement of technological resources and functions using various formulas (outsourcing).
Our professional expertise in this area enables us to regularly advise operators and emerging, innovative tech firms, as well as ground-breaking e-business ventures and initiatives.


We have consistently provided legal support in the development of e-businesses, including the most recent developments relating to electric cars, social networks and m-commerce, big data, and new technology trends as applied to the financial sector and payment methods.

The ability of our professionals to offer bespoke industry and regulatory advice enables us to offer expert legal assistance regarding investments and divestments at tech-based firms (including those made by industrial partners and by technology-oriented private equity and venture capital funds), the creation of alliances and joint ventures, the engagement of technological services and platforms, and the launch of projects and initiatives to implement information technologies and electronic channels in various business sectors.

Our team provide global advice on contracts for the supply of corporate services, solutions, platforms and equipment for IT systems and business processes using different types of contract and service models: from development projects (waterfall and agile methodologies), hardware supply, system installation contracts and software licenses, to procurement formulas in the cloud using “software as a service”, “Platform as a service” or “infrastructure as a service” models, among others.

Insolvency And Restructuring

Services offered include:
• Insolvency
We advise on all types of formal insolvency procedures, including liquidations, provisional liquidations, receiverships and administrations;
• Contentious insolvency
Advising on contentious insolvency matters requires detailed knowledge of both this complex area of the law and litigation. Our highly regarded team provides all the practical, strategic advice and litigation support that clients require.


• Creditor services
We offer a wide range of creditor services, including advice on making claims, submitting proofs and arranging attendance at creditors’ meetings.
• Advising directors
We regularly advise directors on their duties and liabilities, including avoiding disqualification and potential liability for fraudulent trading and other statutory offences.
• Advising purchasers
We advise purchasers acquiring businesses and assets from receivers, liquidators and other office holders and on the acquisition of distressed assets. Time is of the essence in these transactions and we respond quickly, giving the best practical and commercial advice.
• Debt collection
To enable our clients to recover their debts rapidly and cost effectively we offer a fully automated debt collection service. Clients receive regular status reports showing daily activity and summaries of each matter.

Dispute Resolution

Our experience and expertise in litigation and dispute resolution is instrumental in ensuring the quality of our legal services in other practice areas. In fact, most legal advice has the ultimate goal of ensuring that the client obtains a certain legal position in the event of a legal dispute before the courts or in arbitration dispute. We therefore see participation in litigation and dispute resolution as an integral part of our business.

Our experience in litigation and dispute resolution extends to all the judicial courts, as well as to arbitration courts.

Our Lawyers

We pride ourselves on the quality of our attorneys’ strategic thinking and their ability to think like clients – to understand the goals, critical issues and opportunities that drive them.












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